Our new song :)

Check out our new song “so much for generic” and tell us what you think

Anonymous asked
Hey guys ^^ I followed you guys on twitter a LONG AGO,I have to say that I forgot you for a while,and I'm impressed how good is your music,I want to know how is the progress of the band in the media,and what you guys succeeded yet. (And sorry for my english,I speak portuguese)

thank you so much! our progress is ok. we are taking a break right now =] but there will be new music

unholy-verse asked
you have probably answered a question like this trillion times but please come to iceland and give us a show

we would love too=]

caysosaurus asked
Just got your new EP. You guys never cease to impress me. Keep up the great work! <3

thank you so much for your support. we are very happy you liked it.

much love,

OTI <3


Our EP “Within Reach” comes out this week!

Anonymous asked
come to London underground next summer please!! you're so amazing

we will try to =]

Anonymous asked
Are you guys getting your contract with iTunes renewed?

our ep comes out this week

Anonymous asked
Are you guys gonna get back onto iTunes?? If not, how can i get ur songs??

our ep is coming out this week. our old songs can be found on youtube

Anonymous asked
where are you guys from?

california =]